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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

Our Charleston Home Tour | Part 1

I've been so busy unpacking and settling into our new home and city, that I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged about our home yet. Crazy! So today, I'm giving you an inside peek into our home and showing some of the progress we've made so far. I promise I will be better about blogging about our house once we're settled!

We have a long ways to go with decorating, hanging art, buying more furniture and such. But once you get your main things unpacked, I think it's important to let things flow together and not force everything all at once. This allows for a more curated home that truly reflects things you both love. That's the point we are at now, letting the "holes" fill themselves naturally as we find things we love.

Anyways, onto the mini tour. Without further ado, welcome to our Charleston home...

Currently I'm focusing on decorating and designing my home office. I am doing it for the One Room Challenge, where me and other interior designers are making over an entire room in just 6 weeks. You can see week 1 and week 2 of my home office makeover so far. Every Thursday I will be doing an update, so come back each week for that.

I will be sure to share more house progress here and you can always see in real time updates on my Instagram @taylormorgandesign.

Happy Monday!


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