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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

One Room Challenge | Home Office - Week 2

It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge, where I am participating with other Interior Designers to finish a room from start to finish in just 6 weeks. For this ORC, I'm making over my Home Office, in our new home here in Charleston, SC.

Last week I had the carpet ripped up and hardwood floors laid down. You can see it all here. It made such a huge difference! I just love hardwood floors so much. It made the space feel less like a spare bedroom, and more like a professional office, even though it's in my home.

This week I'm slowly starting to buy furniture for the space. It took me a while to figure out what vibe I wanted to go with, which slowed down my shopping. But the one thing I knew I had to have, was this bookshelf from a local store here in Charleston called Celadon.

As of today, this is the only purchased piece of furniture for the space. And I have to get on ordering more asap because ship times are really long with the pandemic right now.

Which brings me to my next point. I am really torn on the desk situation. I really want this desk from McGee & Co. but it is on back order until middle of November.

Now while I want to finish the challenge on time, I am not going to compromise what I really want for the deadline of ORC. At the end of the day this is a big purchase and something I will have for years to come. I have to buy what I love, even if that means not finishing the ORC on time. But then...

Yesterday while I was out shopping for some of my clients, I came across this desk from Celadon's warehouse...

And it had me wondering if I should grab this beauty?

It has a similar wash to the wood that I love and was going for. And has a waterfall edge that I am obsessed with! It's a little more casual, but I don't mind that. We live in Charleston by the water so that fits our vibe. The other pros of this desk is that it is deeper for more space to spread out and decorate, a slightly longer. And of course, I would be able to show my Home Office complete for the ORC.

So this week, I need your help friends. Would you go with Desk 1 from McGee and Co. Or Desk 2 from Celadon? Regardless of shipping delays, I am still torn. Here they are side by side:

Comment below and let me know your thoughts. I really need your help on this one!

Thanks in advance!


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