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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

How to Make a Beautiful Bed - The Dos & Don'ts

When it comes to making a beautiful bed, it's all about layers, different textures, and more layers! Today, I'm going to share with you the dos and don'ts for bed making. Along with my proven formula for making a beautiful bed in 7 simple steps.

I've rounded up bedding options for you to shop below at different price points, so you can pull this look off at any price point that works for you. If you'd like to see videos of me explaining my bedding process on Tik Tok, you can watch them here and here.

Now let's get started! But first up the Don'ts:


Don't: Buy Pre-Packaged Bedding Sets

What I mean by this is, if it comes in a large plastic cube and has a comforter, pillow shams, decorative pillows, etc, walk away from it. I know these can be enticing as a one stop shop, but trust me, it's worth the time and energy to curate your bedding so that it looks nicer and more unique. When you buy these pre-package sets, everything is a little to matchy-matchy and tends to fall flat. I promise you can get a more beautiful look by curating bedding yourself, even while staying within an affordable price point.

Don't: Use a Flimsy Comforter

Do Buy a Duvet Insert & Duvet Cover Instead

Again, the flimsy comforters I'm referencing tend to come in the pre-packaged bedding sets. But they also can be sold on their own. You should always buy a duvet insert with down fill or down alternative fill, and then a duvet cover to go on it. We want good texture and weight when it comes to our bedding, and a flimsy comforter won't work.


Now onto the Dos in 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Treat Yourself to Great Sheets!

Macy's Sheets

I personally love these sheets from Macy's! They are incredibly soft and reasonably priced. And often on sale. These are my go-to sheets for my home and my client's homes.

Target Sheets

These sheets from Target are another (and more affordable) option for great sheets. I always like to make sure any sheets I buy have a 500 thread count, and these sheets do.


Step 2: Layer a Quilt on Top of Sheets

Adding a quilt to your bed gives it some nice structure and a very clean, tailored look. I also love quilts for their added texture to the bed. Below are some of my favorite quilts, all at different price points (all prices listed are for a King size):

West Elm Quilt $320

IKEA Bedspread $24.99

CB2 Quilt $169

Target Quilt $79.99

Home Goods Quilt $59.99

IKEA Quilt $39.99

Serena & Lily Quilt $398

Target Quilt $79


Step 3: Add a Duvet to the Top and Fold Down

Adding a Duvet to the end of your bed, folded over, adds a nice height to the bed. Duvets also give a bed a very luxurious look, while adding in a cozy element. Duvets are a bedding must have for me.

Pro tip: If you want them extra fluffy, insert two duvets inside the duvet cover.

Pottery Barn Linen Duvet Cover $329

Target Linen Blend Duvet Cover $76.49

Megan Molten Linen Duvet Cover $196

IKEA Duvet Cover $44.99

TJ Maxx Linen Duvet Cover $129.99

CB2 Linen Duvet Cover $259

IKEA Duvet Cover + Pillow Shams $49.99

Megan Molten Duvet Cover $334

Target Duvet Cover + Pillow Shams $43.49


Step 4: Stack Sleep Pillows

Of course, we all need sleep pillows. I tend to buy mine from my local Home Goods. I recommend buying sleep pillows in person so you can feel them and see if they will be a good fit for you. I did find these online though, and while I haven't tried them yet personally, they seem like a great option. Especially if you like goose down pillows:

2 Pack Goose Feather Pillows


Step 5: Add Euro & King Shams

If you have a King size bed, I recommend adding 3 Euro Shams in front of your sleep pillows. If you have a Queen size bed, then I recommend adding 2 Euro Shams instead.

Then if you have a King size bed, I like to add 2 King Shams in front of the 3 Euro Shams. If you have a Queen size bed, I would skip adding King Shams. Again, if you prefer to see a video of this, click here.

Serena & Lily Linen Euro Sham $128

Megan Molten Linen Euro Sham $30

IKEA Euro Sham $9.99

IKEA Textured Euro Sham $14.99

Restoration Hardware Euro & King Shams $119/each

CB2 Linen King Shams, Set of 2 for $69.95

Target Linen King Sham $39.99

Pottery Barn Cotton Quilted King Sham $62

Target King Sham Set of Two $19.99


Step 6: Add Decorative Throw Pillows


Step 7: Add a Throw for Even More Texture & Warmth


I hope this post will help you design a bedding look that you love!

Follow me on Tik Tok for more home design tips & inspiration.

And to see a video of today's steps click here.


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