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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

One Room Challenge | Home Office - Week 3

It's Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and as you can see above, my Home Office is slowly starting to come together. If you read last week, I was having a major debate about which desk to buy. I picked this waterfall desk above, so that I could have it now and be done. Buuuuut, I sadly don't think it works in this space. So it's going back.

Now I'm back to another desk debate. I can either order this one from McGee & Co. that I love OR I could do this acrylic desk from CB2. The reason I love the acrylic is it allows you to see my chair fully and gives the room a lightness. I hate being indecisive. Which would you do?

McGee & Co. Desk:

CB2 Desk:

Downside to the McGee & Co. desk is it won't arrive til Christmas time. Well past the ORC deadline. Which is a big bummer, but I also want to buy what I love most. The acrylic one is available now.

I also got this beautiful bookshelf from a local store, Celadon, here in the Charleston area. I really love it! At first I didn't know how I felt about the green shelves, but now I am obsessed! Green is one of my favorite colors, and is quickly becoming the "color" of this room, especially after I hung up this piece of art of mine:

Originally I tried a piece of photography art here. But it wasn't making the dramatic impact I was looking for. I really wanted a statement piece. I hadn't thought to put this piece in here originally, because I was saving it for our living room. It's truly my favorite piece of art I own.

The thought came to me to try it in my office, and once I brought it in the room, I knew instantly this was it's new spot. It makes me so happy and gives my office that elevated feel I was going for. Plus it has a very special meaning behind it that motivates and inspires me every time I see it. I just love it.

I'm feeling really good about how the room is starting to come together. It's fun to start seeing it come to life as I am finding pieces for it. Lots of shopping progress was made this past week. I bought lots of books and styling objects for the bookshelf. I'm excited to start adding those touches that really personalize the room. I'm also debating this rug currently:

I love the greens in it and feel it will really tie the room together nicely. Currently I am on the hunt for a daybed or chaise lounge that I can lay on my stomach to work when my back is hurting from sitting. Here is one I have my eye on:

Follow me on instagram @taylormorgandesign to see more updates in real time for the ORC and other design posts. Can't wait to share this room when it's completely done!


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