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Turning a Garage into a Home Gym

Turning a Garage into a Home Gym

Turning a Garage into a Home Gym

Earlier this year I wanted to turn our garage into a home gym. I was tired of the time I was spending driving to and from the gym, and felt I would be more consistent with my workouts if I had a good at home set up. No more excuses for missing a workout!

Like most people, our garage was a dumping ground for storage and we hated how messy it was and never used the space. We decided to clean it up and make space for a garage gym we would actually love working out in. Here are some before shots of the mess.

I love inspiring spaces, and wanted our home gym to feel inspiring too, even though it is a garage. I believe you can make any space beautiful! To make it over and give it a cleaner, more elevated feel, we started by painting the walls and ceiling a semi-gloss white.

Once the walls and ceiling were painted, we used a light grey epoxy paint on the floor with a professional clear gloss coat on top. The clear top coat made it feel like a professional car showroom floor. The epoxy floor not only makes it look and feel more put together, but it also helps the floor not feel dusty. Which is really important when you are working out on it.

We still need to buy more equipment, but with quarantine going on it's been a little hard to find everything we want. But we do have enough to do our workouts for now and will continue to add to it over time. We also added mirrors which made it feel more like a gym and helps us with our form. You can shop our mirrors here. Overall, we love how it all turned out. We have a beautiful, clean space to do our workouts in and it's very convenient being at home!

Do you work out from home? What pieces of equipment are your favorite to use?

- Taylor


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