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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

Studio McGee x Target: What to Buy

I love Studio McGee and I love Target. So when these two forces combine, it's an exciting thing! Their first collection was great, and their second one launching September 13th looks even better.

Check out my picks below of what to buy, and even see what I would pass on. Overall though, it's a great collection and it's amazing to get great style at such great prices. Thank you Studio McGee x Target! Check it out:

What to buy:

What to pass on:

To be honest, in person the table lamps feel and look a little cheap. I would rather buy table lamps at the same price point from Home Goods where I can score a Ralph Lauren or cute Kate Spade one. I would also avoid all the throw pillows because the fill is not the best.

However, with all that said, you can still get a stylish look for a great price. There is a reason the prices are great. We can't expect high end quality at these prices. So it's to be expected.

Of everything though, this piece is the one I'm most excited about and curious to see in person:

Be sure to mark your calendars and set an alarm, because this stuff will sell out FAST! I'm already plotting how to snag everything I want this time!

Will you be shopping the new collection? What piece(s) are you most excited about?


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