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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

Oversized Arched Mirrors | At Every Price

I have a thing lately for really oversized, floor length, arched mirrors. I love the statement the oversized width makes and the modern twist the arch on top adds. With a strong presence in size, these mirrors act as a piece of art in your home.

Today, I've rounded up my Top 5 favorites for you, all at different price points. But all with great style. Here we go...

1. McGee & Co. | $900

  • Pro: This is the perfect Arched Mirror & is top of my list. The dimensions are spot on!

  • Con: It's backordered til January 2021 (or longer). But if you're willing to wait, I would say it's worth it.

Shop the rest of this photo below:

2. WayFair | $362

(Pick the 67 x 30 size)

  • Pro: It's less than half the price of the McGee & Co arched mirror. And is pretty close to being the same exact style.

  • Con: It is 10" skinnier then the McGee & Co. mirror, but is still "oversized" at 30" wide (standard mirrors are 24" wide for reference). Sells out fast but don't worry, it always comes back in stock. I only had to wait 3 days for it to come back. Sign up for email notifications.

3. CB2 | $499

  • Pro: These dimensions are great! 36" wide, 76" high and only .5" thick, it's perfect!

  • Con: Backordered until end of January. But if you're willing to wait, this is a great one! Probably my second favorite!

4. Crate & Barrel | $499

  • Pro: Has the same black trim as the McGee & Co. mirror and is nice and thin. Is in stock now.

  • Con: Doesn't have the same oversized width feeling, even though it's coming in at 32" wide. The 76" height makes it feel taller and skinner. Still nice, but not the same vibe as the McGee & Co mirror.

5. Anthropologie | $1,548

  • Pro: This one is the best statement piece. Also is in stock now.

  • Con: Bigger price tag.

So which one would you pick? Here again are all 5:


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