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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

One Room Challenge | Home Office - Week 4

This week is really an in between-er week for my Home Office makeover for the One Room Challenge. I am either waiting on things to be delivered or still hunting for the missing pieces.

I'm currently still looking for:

- Oversized floor length mirror

- Daybed or oversized bench

- Rug

- Light fixture

- Maybe new desk lamp

Waiting on:

- Curtains and curtain rod (came in damaged)

- New desk

I did however finally decide on getting this desk from McGee & Co. But it will arrive after ORC is over. It's a bummer to not have it for the final reveal in two weeks, but I'll have this temporary desk there in the meantime.

I have been working on styling the bookcase and I really like how it's coming together so far. I love shelf styling cause it allows you to really personalize your space with favorite pictures, books and things you have collected over the years. It's my favorite part!

I also got this beautiful magnify mirror and cane chair recently for the room. I am excited to find a spot for them once the curtains are hung up.

I am really excited for this room to fully come together. An office is very personal. It's a room full of what inspires you, calms you and the pieces that make you most happy. It's also fun designing for yourself since you have full reign to do your thing.

Stay tuned for Week 5 next week.


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