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Nordstrom Sale Must Haves

Nordstrom Sale Must Haves

Nordstrom Sale Must Haves

I am not someone who buys just because something is on sale. In fact, when shopping on sale a good rule of thumb is this: If you wouldn't pay full price for it, then you don't really love or need it. Something to keep in mind whenever browsing sale items.

With that said, I spent some time combing through the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to pull my must haves. I love timeless and classic staples and pulled those just for you. What I found and love is broken down below by category. Happy shopping friends!

H O M E :


W O M E N S :


M E N S :


K I D S / B A B Y :

Sale opens to Nordstrom Card holders today and

to everyone Wednesday, August 19th.

Happy Shopping,



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