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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

Kid's Playroom Reveal

I always love designing spaces for kids because they are so playful and fun. It's a chance for my neutral loving heart to really play with more color in the designs. I love this room because it makes you smile right when you walk in.

But before we get to the afters, you have to see where it began. Before I came in and helped, the girls rarely played in there and I think it's because it didn't fully feel like a kids dedicated playroom. It was a guest bedroom/playroom/tv watching room. Here it is before...

But once it was all decorated specifically for the girls, they wouldn't stop playing in it. The power of design and intention is real. This was one of the most fun projects I've done to date, and one I'll never forget. I had so much fun designing this space for two very special sisters, who are the absolute sweetest! For a little extra fun, I surprised the girls by sketching and framing one of their favorite Disney Princesses, Tiana. Without further ado, here is a very special playroom.

Room paint is "Cumulus Cotton" by Benjamin Moore.

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