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12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

12 Gender Neutral Nursery Pieces

How to Set Up a Home Office You'll Love

I've primarily worked from home full time for the past 4 years. It first started in my 490 square foot studio apartment in NYC (talk about cramped!), then upgraded to a spare bedroom in my next apartment, followed by a short office rental and then present day in another spare bedroom, this time in my house (so grateful for space!). I've gotten used to working from home over the years, and have actually learned I prefer working from home over an office space. Which is something I never thought I would say.

But one of the secrets to liking working from home is your office or work space setup. I have learned some tricks over the years that make a big difference in your WFH experience and am sharing them with you today. So let's dive into them now so you can create a WFH space you love to work in.

1. Face yourself outwards while you work. Work by a window when possible. Light is your friend!

This trick is a huge help! When at all possible, position your desk so that when you sit down, you will have a line of sight out a window, or out towards the room. All too often I see people making the common mistake of pushing their desk up against a wall so that they are staring directly at a flat wall all day. This is a big don't.

Now I know sometimes it may be necessary depending on your space, but do your best to avoid this. Try to position your back up to the wall so you can face outward. Having a line of sight outside makes us happier than staring at a wall all day. Light makes everything brighter and happier and will be an instant mood lift for you. Trust me this makes a big difference! You will feel more open to the room and happier.

Bonus tip: Add lamps to your space to warm and brighten it up. This too is also a huge mood lifter. In my opinion, you can never have to much light. I have 3 lamps in my small office and I want to add a 4th for even more light. Good lighting is everything. Click here to shop one of my favorite lamps for an office!

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2. Have fresh flowers and a good candle

You will always find my desk filled with fresh flowers and smell a yummy candle burning in my office. The sight of flowers will make you feel good and the smells can even help motivate you. Studies have shown that citrus smells motivate people most at work. I love this Anthropologie candle in "Mokara" scent while I work and also this one from Anthro too. I also always love stocking up on candles from Home Goods because the prices can't be beat for the size they are. My favorite brands from there are Sand + Fog and Sensational.

3. Have vision boards to remind you of your goals

I have two large vision boards in my office. One for my upcoming wedding and one for my career and personal life. I love glancing at them through out the day and being reminded of why I'm doing what I'm doing as I work. It's very inspiring and gives you a pick me up when you need it most.

4. Eliminate clutter

Clutter in a room, is clutter in your mind, whether you realize it or not. Take pride in your work space and keep it tidy. Having a clean and organized space also helps with anxiety. We feel better when we have a place for everything. Rule of thumb: Do not keep anything that you do not believe to be useful or beautiful. Our work space is a special space where we create and feel inspired. Make sure your surroundings are inspiring.

5. Decorate your space

I'm always surprised when I see offices that aren't styled and decorated nicely to reflect the persons personality. This is your space! Have fun with it. I love my office because it totally feels like "my" room. It's white, feminine and airy. Totally opposite of my fiance's more masculine taste, but that is why I love it. It's my space, it's what inspires me. And his office is his space with more wood and darker tones that inspire him. Just do you. Also add pictures of people you love (just don't overkill it on how many - less is more).

And in a day of Zoom meetings being the norm, please be sure to decorate the space behind your head to be presentable! When we were first setting up my fiance LJ's home office a few months ago, he didn't want me to hang anything on the wall behind him. And sure enough he regretted that because he said he looked too sterile in Zoom meetings. So recently he asked me to find something for his wall. We found this great piece of art and he loves it!

Be sure to take the time to set up a home office space you love. It really will make all the difference in your work day and productivity. I hope these 5 tips help you as you set up a space you love to work in.



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