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Filling a Large Living Room Wall

Filling a Large Living Room Wall

Filling a Large Living Room Wall

It's a common problem, not knowing what to do with a large living room wall. They can be so big that you feel overwhelmed just by the thought of filling it. And even if you don't have an overly large wall, still figuring out what to do with such a main area in your house can be daunting.

Do you hang the TV? Get a media console? Add art? Gallery wall? The list of possibilities goes on and on. Side note, pretty much always hang the TV. And hide the cords.

Recently I helped my friends, Sarah and Brandon, with their big empty living room wall. They just bought a beautiful new home, but didn't know how to fill such a HUGE wall when they moved in. Here is the before:

It's hard to tell in photos, but this wall is HUGE. And when they came to me for advice on what furniture to buy for it, nothing seemed like it would fill it up right. So I designed custom shelving and doors for them through my company I design for. After the custom built ins were installed, Sarah and Brandon hired me to shop for and style their shelves.

I always love shelving because it is a great way to really add your personality and story into your home. You can display things you love, items from places you've traveled too, favorite photos and books, etc. Here is how it all came together in the end:

The shelves are great, but it's the pieces of their story displayed that really make the house feel like a home and add that special *cozy* feeling. I love how it all came together for them.

If custom built ins aren't something you want to do, consider buying a stand alone bookshelf to help fill your space. Here are some great ones I love:

Like any items from today's post? Shop them here:

If you ever need help filling a large living room wall, let me know. I would be happy to help you! You can learn more about my design services here. We can even design your space 100% virtually.

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