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Elevated Everyday Household Items

Elevated Everyday Household Items

Elevated Everyday Household Items

We've all had the dilemma of having an everyday household item be an eye sore in our home. Whether it's a trash can that has to sit out in the kitchen area, or an ugly toilet bowl brush you're trying to hide behind the toilet.

While we can't eliminate essential everyday items from our home, we can elevate them! Today, I'm sharing with you my favorite elevated everyday household items that won't kill your vibe and you won't need to hide:

Kitchen Trash Cans:

SimpleHuman Trash Can - White

Under the counter pull out trash

Bathroom Trash Cans:

Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Round-Step Trash Can - White

Lidded Trash Can

Toilet Paper Holders:

Sussex Toilet Paper Holder

Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Hayden Toilet Paper Holder

Dish Brushes:

Stainless Steel Dish Brush

Soap Dispensing Dish Brush


SimpleHuman Toilet Plunger

2-in-1 Plunger & Brush

Toilet Brushes:

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

SimpleHuman Magnetic Toilet Brush


ConAir Handheld Fabric Steamer

(this thing is the best!)

Shower Accessories:

Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

SimpleHuman Stainless Squeegee

I hope these items help you elevate your everyday household essentials.

Let me know if you need help sourcing any other elevated household items.

Happy to help!