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How to Layer Your Bed

How to Layer Your Bed

How to Layer Your Bed

There is nothing I love more than a well made bed. Okay, besides my fiance of course! But a well made bed that is clean, well tucked, has crisp lines and pillows with great karate chops always give me heart eyes! At the end of my work day, I want to walk into a room that feels like an oasis with a big beautiful comfy bed to relax on.

There is an art form to making a beautiful bed, and today I'm taking you inside our master bedroom and sharing with you exactly how to layer and make a bed. Warning, it comes with a lot of pillows. But can you ever really have to many pillows?!

Step 1: Fold and Tuck the sheet

Step 2: Tuck Quilt

I'm a big quilt fan. I love the crispness it brings to a bed because it makes it look so tidy. It also adds a nice texture to the bedding. I always stick with white because I personally think all bedding should be white, but that's another story for another day!

Step 3: Layer on top Duvet Cover and fold it back

I like to sleep with a lot of blankets. I do get cold easily, but I like a lot of blankets for the weight of them. So I always have duvets layered on beds. I always fold duvets at the foot of the bed, like I did above here. Having a duvet folded at the foot of the bed adds a pretty layer and texture to the bedding. And with it folded at the foot of the bed, it allows for you to still see the quilt.

Step 4: Lay sleeping pillows down first

There are two ways to do this step. The more traditional way is the stand them up. Or you can lay them flat horizontally how you would when you sleep on them and stack them. I'm in a stacking phase right now, but I have done both. This is just a preference thing.

Step 5: Layer decorative pillows in front of sleeping pillows

This is the fun part! I love having 3 Euro Shams on our King sized bed. On a Queen you can do 2 if you prefer. But I love the 3 for Kings. Those are the staple pillows, followed by two shorter horizontal king sized pillow shams. All of the shams I have (both Euro and King) are from Restoration Hardware and are made in a beautiful white linen fabric.

And to finish it off I put two fun pillows in front. Right now we have our "Relax" pillow from Pottery Barn and our "B" pillow from Serena and Lily.

As I mentioned earlier, I always love white bedding for a master bedroom. But I do like to play with color in the pillows from time to time.

Do you make your bed everyday? Try making your bed every day this week and play with how you put it together and layer it. Let me know how you like it!

- Taylor

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